The journey to a white castle is one of the subconscious methods that can be useful in a quit smoking session atlantic flag pole. To begin the journey, I ask the client to picture themselves in a lush green field. As they travel, my voice will accompany them. As you walk through the field, the forest appears before you. There are pebbles and leaves beneath your feet. You are struck by the bark texture and take in the light filtered through the trees. For a time, you continue walking without stopping until you spot the outline of a castle in the distance through the tree branches. The castle rises majestically ahead of you after a while.

After crossing a drawbridge, you will stand before two large wooden doors that curve to the centre. As you prepare to open the doors, you look up to see a strange flagpole. It is now a ruined hall. You can see the grime on the floors, walls and windows from years of poor care. You are equipped with all sorts of cleaning tools, so you get to work. Before you know it the sun is shining through your sparkling windows onto the beautiful marble walls and re-stained timber floors. You feel proud about your efforts to restore the castle to its former glory and so you turn back to cross the drawbridge through the wooden doors. The flagpole at the flagpole flutters in the breeze as you return to the castle.

A majestic eagle soars high above castle walls on thermals. As you return to the forest, you feel a deep sense fulfillment. As you move along the path, your lungs expand and contract more quickly than in years. After a while you’re back in the lush green field. The sun’s gentle warmth on your face, cool breeze on the neck, and the feeling that you are freed from the clutches of a powerful beast gives you the impression that your body has begun to heal. Standing confidently and comfortably, you feel like you are rewriting the future and restoring health that was slowly being eroded by your old ways.